Welcome to sur notre table!

After many great evenings entertaining in our home and always being asked about our recipes I have decided to start a blog with the purpose of sharing some of our favourite recipes with our family and friends.

My husband and I not only love food, wine and everything in between but most importantly we love to cook together and entertain.  However we like to make it easy for ourselves when it comes to hosting our family and friends. Even though we love to spend time in our kitchen tinkering away, we don’t want to do all this work while hosting our guests.  We are therefore all about the prep!  We concoct seasonal menus that can be prepared well in advance, so our time can be focused on our guests.  This makes entertaining a lot more enjoyable and stress free.

So “sur notre table”, brings you from our table to yours, some of our favourite recipes, menus and tips to help you entertain.


1 thought on “Welcome to sur notre table!

  1. And the evenings are always wonderfully appreciated. Great food and wine, and the most excellent of company!!! Looking forward to your blogs. Z

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